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Orange Meetup Iulie iulie 21, 2010

Posted by cferseta in internet.
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Ca de obicei, am fost invitat la Orange Meetup si de data asta am reusit sa ajung, chiar daca cu oarece intarziere.

Topicul foarte interesant, cunoscuti destui, moderator super, idei bune, mancare buna, premii pentru intrebari (am luat si eu o umbrela pentru 2 intrebari)

Lucruri interesante:

  • In theory spam means not requested emails. In practice, spam means irrelevant emails. So, if I need viagra and i receive the classic spam, i would welcome it and treat it not like a spam, but like an opportunity 🙂 Targeting, targeting, targeting
  • When the visitor is in page X we give him a message: don’t u want to receive this materials on email?
  • In the first 30 days since u bought a camera, you are interested in auxiliary gadgets: memory cards, filters, bags, etc. After 60 days you want to print the pictures. Is good to know the life cycle, to do some crossseling and take them the money
  • At emails is good SOMETIMES to have a longer text – especially for higher transactions and for people that want to buy
  • Good lookimg spams are not catalogued as spams 🙂
  • How many choose spam vs unsubscribe? Mike said that most choose unsubscribe. I say other way around. He did not answer me satisfatory to my question:(
  • Never write the recepient name in the subject line:) Looks spammy
  • Too much personalisation is not good also
  • Email me when in stock. Foarte util sa mai prinzi trafic suplimentar
  • Don’t make me think. People write too much
  • Short and well formatted emails provide a plus of 124% CTR
  • Test test
  • If in subject line u write something usefull or „10 reasons why bla bla” open rate will be higher
  • The sender to be Mariana Galescu or Liviu Dumitrascu, not team x say Y 🙂 Friends knows why;)

Felicitari organizatorilor 🙂


1. Ionut Oprea - iulie 22, 2010

Eu zic ca a dat un raspuns foarte bun, a zis ca poti sa-i determini sa aleaga butonul tau de unsubscribe in loc de cel de report spam al furnizorului de servicii de email. Probabil la ei in UK, la 20 de ani in viitor, multe companii fac asta si in consecinta putini dau report spam. La noi nu stiu daca sunt date.

2. cferseta - iulie 22, 2010

din experienta mea am vazut ca mai multi dau spam in loc de unsubscribe.

mai ales ca din 100 de nevoi generate de neprimire mail sunt marea majoritate acele mailuri spam care zic ca nu sunt spam 🙂 si aceastea sunt tratate preferential cu SPAM, nu cu unsubscribe

3. Ionut Oprea - iulie 22, 2010

They’re asking for it :))

4. aur1ca - iulie 22, 2010

si eu citisem pe ceva din SUA ca utilizatorii prefera sa dea „report spam”.

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