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Romania in topul tarilor cyberwarfare enabled decembrie 10, 2008

Posted by cferseta in internet.
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Am gasit un post foarte interesant pe Techcrunch, in care Romania este pusa in topul tarilor care au posibilitatea de a purta razboaie/atacuri cibernetice(!), lucru pentru care m-am simtit mandru. Pacat ca aceasta nominalizare vine la pachet cu furturile si inselaciunile facute de romani pe ebay/amazon/….

There’s copious discussion about exactly how vulnerable the US is to online attack. The alleged Russian DoS attacks on Estonia in 2007, and on Georgia this summer, highlighted the potential damage of state sponsored attacks. China has also been developing cyber warfare capabilities for some time, mounting online intelligence operations against Taiwan, and almost certainly against the US. The Chinese military has openly stated that it plans to be able to win an “informationized war” by the middle of this century. Russia, Israel and Romania are also alleged to have high-level cyber warfare capabilities.



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