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RoNewMedia 2008 mai 29, 2008

Posted by cferseta in diverse, internet, mobile.
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My notes:

  • from 100% internauti, ask yourself how many are NOT using you. That’s the size of your potential.
  • not all pageviews are created equal. they must be analised factorial.
  • give people a reason to click to another story (increase this way the average pageviews/visit)
  • in the last decades – visual intelligence increased. verbal intelligence decreased
  • 55 minutes/zi average ym usage
  • 2 billion yahoo pages in romania/luna
  • 5 milions romanians use yahoo services/month
  • 6% of the media budget in Romania is allocated on online, and intend to speak with 7 milions people, while 70% of the media budget allocated on TV whants to address 15 milions people
  • 70% of internet browsing start with a google search
  • don’t advertise on digital. be digital. (ileo – mugur)
  • rotarus estimates that 70-80% of advertising budgets overall are thrown away
  • you need to be sincere in internet communication + u need to make it available very easy
  • everybody sais we should integrate channels, to make crosspromo.
  • does my banners communicate what they should be and how they should be?
  • good idea for big budgets spent on online: marketing research before and after campaign: „what bycicles brand do u have first in mind” – brand awarness, top of mind, brand attitude, brand adoption – !!!
  • CTR varies a lot during the day. in the morning (monday morning), the peoples are more busy, they do not click. In the evening, viceversa.
  • „the users are more and more blind” – cool expresion from rotarus
  • good question from deak „how many clients have dedicated persons who interact witn the users on forums, blogs, other communities, etc”
  • 4 companies: be available and communicate this – so i put my email address at „despre subsemnatul”
  • CTR on mobile internet is bigger that classic online internet (because less clutter). Also CPC is lower -( unfortunately in Romania people don’t use mobile internet much like in scandinavia)
  • i-mode did not worked. they’ve asked money for content, which everybody perceive it it should be free
  • small screens, small revenues
  • in 2013, 38% europeans will EVER use mobile internetvor folosi internetul pe mobil 🙂 kinda low figure
  • in Germany 18% of big sites are optimized for mobile phones. In Romania is only BestJobs m.bestjobs.ro (this is partially, because it should detect mobile version and deliver from the start the optimized version. Mader? )
  • XXX business are veeeery good for optimizing monetization on mobile and not only. We should study them more often 🙂
  • Internet advertising did 20x more money then mobile advertising, although there are 3 billion mobile phones and only 1 billion computers.
  • people feel important if they are connected
  • people want IMMEDIATE feedback. Not „we will contact u soon”
  • bluetooth advertising. Maia, u are number one on this business, correct?
  • 500kb download via bluetooth=25 secunde
  • when something happens, the faster is present in the following channels: mobile, online, broadcast, print
  • !!! is far better to teach yout users to be journalists. Because:
    • are faaaaar more many then hired journalists
    • when something happen, there are much bigger chances that they will be at the scene, so they can offer coverage
    • you don’t have to pay as much as the classic reporters 🙂
  • stavar is doing trainings (He told me in the lobby)
  • in asia there is very developed 2d codes for mobile phones (couponing and stuff). We’ve test it with those guys in Brasov 3-4 years ago. Complicated. 😦
  • it’s an excellent idea to put the number of remaining pages left in ppt 3/7, 4/7, 5/7, ….
  • in the last 30 days, 55% of south coreea internauts used social network sites
  • radumazare.hi5.com + add rzmazare pe ym = super rezultate – smart thing
  • video banner with radu mazare doing  kytesurf pe cancan.ro (17% ctr) + call2action add rzmazare on ym
  • transform internet presence in profit centers!
  • recommendation from consumers – 85% trust rate. TV 53% !!! online banners 10%!!!!
  • „adrenalize your clients!”
  • don’t do ABSOLUT NIMIC if it’s not making business sense (at least long term)
  • sometimes is not making any sense to do your social network, it’s easier to talk with your users on existing networks
  • it’s far more important to bring back the vizitors than to bring them for the first time -> u need to learn from visitors
  • archive.org – see sites as they were used to be during the past years
  • a lot of projects die in romania because of lack of focus (people, managerial determination)
  • in order to have succes with the projects, involve the management
  • don’t think exclusive online!click&mortar – best variant between online + brack and mortar
  • follow-up. don’t launch online projects and forget
  • social media optimization – by despoiu 🙂
  • in romania there are still opportunities to develop niche communities. Also theme and commercial blogs
  • there are 50 blogs with more then 1000 uniques/day – campaignable. reach agregat – 50k uniquespe zi
  • yes, clickio, we will do also cool things on blogs..  you know (m-am simtit vizat apropo de campaniile pe bloguri:P )
  • apare BR in PR – Bloggers Relation in Public Relation
  • PR in romania have a huge fear from bloggers. Older post here
  • it matters a LOT to have good clients and raise together with them. If now they pay on online 10k/month, in 3-4 years can increase 100x. 😀

My general opinion on the event: 10 out of ten. Best web event I’ve been in Romania. Many foreign speakers, large focus on effectivness, they had Coke products, not Pepsi. Manafule, se ridica stacheta 🙂


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Eu tocmai te laudam Bogdanei ca esti unul din clientii care inteleg blogurile. In prezentare nu ma refeream la tine, ca doar stiu ca pregatim si chestii mai jmechere 🙂

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Da a fost Robert de Niro?

6. Andrew - mai 30, 2008

:)thank you, Noro!

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m.bestjobs.ro? what does this mean!? the version of bestjobs.ro for mobile devices? but this is ancient history bro… the real mobile site name is bestjobs.mobi but unfortunately for you is owned by another firm…

-„Internet advertising did 20x more money then mobile advertising, although there are 3 billion mobile phones and only 1 billion computers.”???
„mobile” does not mean ONLY mobile phones

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